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For us, New Work and Business Agility are more than just buzzwords. We live and are convinced of their values. Together, we shape the future of organizations with passion and dedication. As a pioneer of the New Work movement in Switzerland, we have extensive experience in applying the principles in day to day operations. Our team of seasoned experts understands your goals and knows how you can achieve them. We work with you to guide you towards success.

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Andreas Eppenberger
Andreas Eppenberger
Andreas Eppenberger CEO & Founder
Result-oriented achiever and motivator. Can cut pizza into squares in record time.
Kevin Düringer
Kevin Düringer
Kevin Düringer Associate Partner
Organization in perfection. Once shook hands with Sepp Blatter.
Nikhil Garg
Nikhil Garg
Nikhil Garg Senior Consultant / Enterprise Agile Coach & Scrum Master
Confident data diver. Knows every Swiss mountain and glacier by name.
Albert Bachmann
Albert Bachmann
Albert Bachmann Senior Consultant / Agile Coach & Scrum Master
Inbox zero, always! Would make the perfect metronome.
András Kapros
András Kapros
András Kapros Senior Consultant / Agile Coach & Scrum Master
Has cycled 14,182 km and climbed 245,980 m. A challenger of the status-quo.
Richard Sperk
Richard Sperk
Richard Sperk Senior Consultant / Agile Coach & Scrum Master
A human dynamo: While others are still talking, he’s already built the prototypes. NASA’s CTO follows him on Instagram.
Kaja Eppenberger
Kaja Eppenberger
Kaja Eppenberger Finance & HR
A numbers queen and karaoke star who sings loud and proud like there’s no tomorrow.
Simon Wicki
Simon Wicki
Simon Wicki Junior Marketing Manager
A passionate communicator. Decided to learn Norwegian just out of curiosity.

Our Network of Experts: For even more Scalability

Having the right specialist for your industry at your side is key. Our network of experts can offer you access to precisely the knowledge and skills you need to go further. And we make sure that our tailored solutions are implemented effectively, including continuous monitoring for rock-solid results.

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Do you strive for top performance? Are you motivated to release your full potential? If so, AgileAdvant is the right choice for you. What sets us apart: Passion, team spirit, experience and extensive know-how.
We’re not lone wolves; we’re team players. Business Agility is our passion. It’s what guides our thoughts and actions every day. We don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves; instead, we share it amongst each other and our clients.

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